What is brand identity/brand design?
Brand identity or brand design refers to what we see and what we feel about the company. This includes colours, fonts, logo, alternative logos, interactive elements, patterns, illustration, photography, packaging, business cards, website. It is a face of the brand. 



For building brand identity we need to Analyze (the company and market), Determine (key business goals), Identify (your costumers) and Find (the way how to give them message which you want and need). 


What is a logo?
The logo is a visual representation of your business and brand. The logo is a graphic symbol of your brand and business. A professional logo allows you to build a prosperous, successful business by attracting your target clients. It should be simple, clear and make lasting impresion on your audience.


What is brand? 
A brand is basically a combination of your company's values, services and visuals. It is what your customers thinks and feels, when they hear name of your company. Brand is an experience. It is not something what designer can create, but despite that brand goes side by side with brand identity.

Products are made in the Factory, But Brands are created in the Mind” – Walter Landor